Micro. Michael Crichton. 🔖

424 pages – first published on November 22, 2011 – I rate it: 8 bookmarks out of 10

I popped into my local library and picked this book up last week.  I dove right into it because you know my love of Michael Crichton books.

Micro took me almost a hundred pages in before I was hooked.  And by then.  Holy Moly.  This book is brutal.  You don’t get a quarter of the way through this book before people start dying.  In very gruesome and horrifying ways.

It took a lot of effort for me to finish this book.  I don’t want to give anything away in case you haven’t read this, so.  It was a really great book, if you can stomach all of the terrifying ways people die.

This is also the first book of Michael Crichton’s that I’ve read that had a co-author.  In case you live under a rock like I do most of the time, Michael Crichton died in 2008.  It was the world’s loss.  Seriously, what will we all do when we get through all of his published works!?!

If you need some of this in your life, be sure to snag yourself a copy of it!

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69 Things I NO Longer Need in My Home.

Last week I finally gathered together all of the things that no longer have a place in our home and carted them out to the car to donate to our local Salvation Army.

Aaaaahhhhh, the magazines!

Six pairs of socks from Liv’s drawers that she doesn’t like, a book stand, an unopened prize from Wendy’s, a lamp and shade, a crystal dish that I don’t know where it came from, and computer games our kid’s haven’t touched in 137 years.

A Danskin workout bag, another crystal dish, pages for a photo album, and more magazines.

More magazines, a pretty box that I have no use for now that I keep my hammer and other tools in a beautiful leather box I found on one of my outings.  An iPhone 4 charger that no owns anymore, and a pair of jeans.

MORE magazines and the magazine holders that I no longer need.  I also found two Air wick air fresheners that have never been used that I truly dislike the smell of.  Liv says they smell like an old lady.  Good grief, someone will like them, I’m sure.  A heavy crystal dish that someone will give a wonderful home to.  A crystal lid that hopefully someone is looking for for their crystal jar.  A cat toy that all of our cats are terrified of, a purse, a decanter that Denton won’t use for his whiskey, and a pretty box that candles came in.  I am also donating my almost empty candle jars.

I always ask at my Salvation Army before I donate something like this, because I don’t want to give them something that they will just have to turn around and trash.  They said people are always looking for these things, so off they go.  I suppose they are going to make their own candles in them, what do you think?

Did you clear out any of your clutter last week?  I am going again this week.  I love the freedom of clean spaces in my house!






A Smurf village appeared in my front yard.

When I got up this morning, I opened my living room curtains as always and stood spellbound.  Overnight, a smurf village appeared in my front yard.

As much as I hate summer, I have found another thing to be thankful for during this blessedly hot time of year.

Do you have a smurf village in your yard?

The O (OH MY) List for July 2017

Each month in my delivery of magazine goodness I receive an O Magazine.  I didn’t sign up for it, it comes from a lady who owned this lovely house I’ve lived in for almost ten years.  I guess when she signed up for her magazines, she forgot she doesn’t live here anymore.  😀

I always turn to the O List first.  This section fascinates me.  Maybe it’s because I shop at thrift stores and yard sales, but the prices here astound me.  Yes, this stuff is expensive.  I expect that.  The society that we live in now inspires this type of buying I think.  If you pick up any fashion magazine, you will see models or actors touting handbags that cost $3,800.00 and up.  A purse.  If you can afford it and handbags are your thang, then go for it.  For me personally, I would rather take part of that money and go to New York for 8 days and soak up all of that ambience.  But that’s just me.

Back to the O List.  Here are a few of the things this month that made my mouth drop open.

Napkins.  You get FOUR for $180.00.

Paint.  $125.00 for a GALLON.

Basin.  Size 13″ X 6″ for $748.00.

Those are not affiliate links by the way.  Just doing my part to help the world, in case you need $125.00 paint.  Or $45.00 napkins.  Or a bowl for $748.00.

What’s your thoughts on this list?  Am I completely in the wrong?  Is it normal to spend $180.00 dollars on four napkins?  If they felt like the napkins at Bacon Bros. Public House would I consider it?  Nope, but if you know where I can get napkins that feel like theirs for a reasonable price, let me know!!!


FREE Friday Download from Kroger. 06.23.17

If you have a Kroger (on the East coast and Fred Meyer on the West coast) you can score a  FREE Chef’s Cut Real Jerky with their Free Friday Download.  Woo-hoo!  It must be downloaded today, but you have until July 9, 2017 to use the coupon.

FREE Chef's Cut Real Jerky

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