150 Things I NO Longer Need

I spent a couple of hours this past week gathering together things that I knew needed to go live with someone else.  Liv also had an itch to clear out some more things from her closet.  So I hauled it all down to our local Salvation Army this morning.  Where they were having a YARD SALE of all things.  It was really bizarre.  The store was open to customers, but in the back parking lot they had stuff piled everywhere and were hosting a yard sale.

If I had to take a wild stab in the dark as to WHY they were having a yard sale, it would be that the store is literally overflowing with stuff.  I’ve noticed over the past year or so that my local thrift stores have started to price their items like they think they are a retail store.  You will notice on my blog that I have actually bought very, very little from thrift stores over the past nine months.  The number one reason is that I am truly conscientious about what I bring into our home now.  I mean come on, this post is about me hauling stuff out of our house!  The pricing, however, is another deterrent.

Here is a perfect example:

Now I don’t know who has their hands on the pricing gun at my local Goodwill, but when someone can buy a brand new Garnier styling gel for $3.42 and have it shipped to their front door, I don’t know why they would pay $2.99 for one that has been partially used.  Especially when I can things like this for practically free.

Granted, I give things like this to my salvation army all the time.  If I try a shampoo or something that no one likes, I’ll take it to Vicky who runs our store and she’ll put it up front at the checkout desk with a price of about $0.25 to $0.50 on it so someone else can try it to see if their family will like it.  It freaks Denton out, but I just think it’s so wasteful to throw something like that away just because we didn’t like it.  I love to go through that box at the checkout desk because there is usually nail polish in it that someone has tried once and didn’t like.  I love finding $30.00 Chanel nail polish in the box.

Anywho, I didn’t mean for this to turn into a rant from me about thrift store prices.  On with the stuff we gave away.

Shirts that Liv decided she could live without.

More clothes that she doesn’t want to have around anymore.

I cannot believe that she gave up her Harry Potter shirts.  Or her Mortal Instruments one either, but with that one, I believe that shrinkage from the dryer was the culprit.

Dresses.  Liv hates dresses and I don’t blame her.

Poor Little Mermaid.

More hated dresses.

And, even more dresses.

I loved that canister, but it turned my brown sugar into cement.  No matter how much I love something, it has to do its job or it has to go away.

Glasses that don’t bounce do not live long at my house.  So these survivors can live out the rest of their lives with someone else.  Goodbye, beautiful butter mold.  It’s easier for me to keep my butter in the original wax paper it comes in.

Yet another food processor.  I tried to give this one to my brother, but he said no thanks, LOL.  This bread box is lovely, but my family thought it was invisible.  I would find the bread sitting in front of it every single day.  I hope someone else can figure out its true purpose.

You guys.  I am a cookbook hoarder.  Seriously.  I have at least 400 cookbooks.  And if you follow my posts about what we eat each week……well you know that I am not using them.  I gave away two today!  Yay for me. My magazine collection.  I have no problem with donating these each month when I’m done with them.


And even more.

Two prints that were in the frames that I bought.  Someone will enjoy them.

Last but not least, a cheese plate that I have used for the past 15 years to hold up more plates.  Really.

Okay, that’s what I hauled away today.  Are you getting rid of things you no longer need?  I would love to hear about it!  Also, have your thrift stores lost their minds about pricing too?  Inquiring minds want to know.



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