184 More Things I NO Longer Need in My Home.

I finally made it out of my house with all of the items that my family has been stepping over for the last two weeks.  I’m glad it’s all gone and the Salvation Army is happy to accept it.

I honestly feel like I should be running out of things to pass along to other people.  But, every time I open a drawer, or the kitchen cupboards I find more things that I just don’t want to move aside or clean anymore.

Things like this digital scale that has never been out of its box.  Yes, it’s an awesome thing.  A thing that someone else may actually use.

I have three food processors.  Seriously.  Am I going to need to make enough coleslaw for 200 guests at my house anytime soon?  And if I do need to do this, will not ONE food processor do the trick?

Which one of these things is not like the other?  My sheers have been mismatched for the past 10 years.  This past week, I updated them and hallelujah they all match now!  No, it won’t save the world or create world peace, but matching sheers in my living room makes me happy.

70 magazines.  They will go to a good home.  What the Salvation Army doesn’t sell, they will donate to the schools for projects or the nursing homes in the area.

Glasses that do not bounce on my floors don’t live long at my house.  Don’t ask me how many of those I have destroyed so far.

Multiples upon multiples.

I have finally started to cull out my cookbooks.  Yes, it was physically painful, but it’s necessary.  Don’t worry, I still have around 400 more.

Ask me how many times I’ve used that electric can opener in the past three years.  That would be a big fat zero.

More and more extras.  How many crock pots do you own?  I’m down to one large and one small.

That concludes this weeks edition of Tracie Becomes Less of a Hoarder.  Tune in next time to see what else I’ve found to send away to enjoy life with someone else!

Have you been decluttering too?  Are you down to a manageable number of things or are you a secret hoarder of crock pots too?

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