All the Things. 04.14.18

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It’s finally yard sale season in my part of the universe again!  Woohoo!

You know the post I did yesterday about all the stuff that I took out of our house to the Salvation Army?  Yeah.  This isn’t that kind of post.  This is a post where I show you NEW to me stuff that I brought home with me!  Just keep in mind that I took 150 things away from our house yesterday and then count the number of things that I brought back in.

Justification.  Isn’t it great?  Here are the treasures I found.

Clothes are not my thing.  But, I do love my purses.  I constantly fall in love with a new one – all the time.  It’s a good thing I love yard sales or Denton would have to get another job to support my love of purses.  My brother told me once that he doesn’t want to wear anyone else’s name on his clothes.  I totally get that.  But, since Tommy Hilfiger trademarked my initials, I figure that I’ll let this one slide.  I found this one for $1.00.  Yay!

My love for candles is still going strong even though we have jumped on the diffuser bandwagon with the rest of the world.  Batman’s propensity to set himself on fire though has tremendously cut back on candle burning in our house.  I love these.  They are the battery powered flickering wax candles.  I really liked this pattern.  They were $2.00 for both.

Love them!

I stopped at a church yard sale where I found these little beauties.

Liv really loves stones and crystals of any kind.  I believe that these may be jade.  I am guestimating, but I think there may be a couple of hundred in this bag.

Remember when I talked about my hoard of magazines?  I showed you my copy of Uncle John’s bathroom reader.  Well, Denton comes down the hall the other day and asks me where I got that awesome book in the bathroom.  He loves it.  It’s been in our bathroom since last October and he just now noticed.  Anyway, I found this one for $0.50 and it’s going in his Christmas stocking this year.  Don’t worry, I guarantee he won’t read this, so I’m safe.Has your GPS ever gotten you lost?  Ours has.  We got off the interstate one day to have lunch and it decided to recalibrate its brain and that was that.  So.  I have decided that every single car we own will have one of these beauties.  I will always trust an atlas over a computer gadget any day.  $1.00 from our library.Dishes.  If it’s not books taking over my house it’s dishes and glassware.  I love these.  I have quite a bit of Princess House, but I don’t think that’s what these are.  I’ll have to ask Denton’s Mama.  She could curate for the Smithsonian, she is that knowledgable.  But, it doesn’t matter to me if they are real or not.   I love them.  And I will use them.  $1.20 for ALL of them!After I finished with the yard sales I stopped in my library to grab a few books and what did I find?  More beads and things.  I found YARDS of silk cording, clasps, beading needles, and all sorts of beautiful beads for me and Liv to play with.  When he added it all up it came to around $14.00, but he said since I bought so much they were giving out discounts and only charged me $10.00!  I think that we will give it about a week to see if anyone else wants to buy any of it, and then I’ll go back and buy the rest.  I never want to deprive anyone else of trying something new, so I’ll wait and see!

That’s it for our first real weekend of yard sales.  I am so pleased with what I found.  That’s the thing with yard sales, you never know what kind of treasure you will find.  Did you find anything cool at a yard sale yet this year?  I would love to hear about it!

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