All the Things. 07.08.17

Note:  As always if you see something you like and can’t wait to find it at your own thrift store, click on the photos and it will take you to like items.   This post may contain affiliate links.  Check out what that means to you here.

Still behind as you can see by the date.  As usual.

Here’s what I found that weekend.  There are some awesome finds!

I have been slowly replacing everyone’s worn out luggage.  This is a new overnight bag and I love it.  It has a red interior!  And you can’t tell by the photos, but it is huge.  I could fit a human inside if I wanted to.  Yay!

I found a yard sale, and everything they had was a quarter!  I love those types of sales.

Dresses for Liv.

A Danskin jacket, black skirt and navy scarf and a black top. Jeans, jeans, and jeans with some leggings and skirts thrown in.

A lovely new frame that already has the mat.The Hours.New shower gel and body lotion.

Philosophy shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath.  I LOVE this stuff.

Taste of Home magazines.

Cinnamon candle.Black and Silver dress for Liv.

A new sleep shirt for me and a Victoria’s Secret bag.

Well then.  $8.50 after they added up everything with their discounted to a quarter sale.  Not bad at all I’d say!

Did you find anything awesome in your wanderings?





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