DIY Project: Back Porch Light Fixture

NOTE:  I am NOT an electrician.  I’m sure there is an electrician somewhere on earth reading this right now and cringing.  I just like to do things myself.  If you do not feel comfortable working with electricity – don’t.

I love when I find things at yard sales or thrift stores for a great price.

I found this beauty at my local goodwill for $4.99.  In 2016.  Good grief.

See the date above the price?  Do you want to know how long it took me to change out the fixture?  Three minutes.  Or it would have taken me three minutes if the stupid mounting plate that was in the original fixture matched the new one. So in actuality, it took me twelve minutes to completely change the mounting plate and the fixture.  This is another example of my brain convincing me that “that’s going to take forever“.  Light fixtures are easy people!

Here’s what we started with.  I know.  That’s gross and disgusting and I should clean it.  There was nothing wrong with it other than the fact that it is 23 years old – I just don’t like it.

I do like this, however.  Isn’t it pretty? 

Like I said, light fixtures are easy.  First things first.  Before you begin dismantling your original light fixture, make sure that your breaker is off. Even if you know you turned off the correct breaker, test it out by trying to turn the light on. This is usually a quick way to make sure you turned off the correct breaker. However, for safety’s sake, you should still use a voltmeter to test the wires when you remove your original fixture before you touch them.

Then assess if your original fixture plate will fit the new fixture.  Mine didn’t.  To remove it, unscrew the two screws holding it to the wall.  Easy.  Screw the new plate to the wall in the exact same place and run the wires through and connect like with like.

I always connect the ground wires together first and wrap it around the ground screw.  It’s that odd greenish blue screw.

Next, connect the white wires.

Finally the black wires. Place the new fixture over the protruding screws and screw them down.

Lastly, hunt down the Deep Woods Off spray so that you can sit outside and admire your new light fixture.  Mosquitoes love me, unfortunately. 

You can see all of my other DIY projects with the link below.  Go change a light fixture!

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Grocery Shopping Trip 04.16.18

Do you see that!?!  That’s it.  I am so proud of myself.  I haven’t brought home an amount this small on a weekly grocery shopping trip in…… ever.  And you can see most of it is vegetables and fruits.  Yay!

Are the avocados in your part of the universe horrible right now?  Everywhere I’ve looked they are absolutely terrible.  At Wal-mart yesterday they had two kinds.  Rotten and rock hard green, which never ripen no matter what I do to them.  Wal-mart is also the only place I can get the plain Wholly Avocado mini cups.  Food Lion and Kroger only carry the ones that have stuff added to them, which no one at my house likes.  We eat a lot of avocados here.

I love having my upright freezer in the garage.  I told Denton that it’s the best present he’s EVER bought me.  I love it that much.  I stock up on meat and other things when I find them at rock bottom prices and I don’t have to worry if this week all of my grocery stores have ground chuck for $4.99 lb.  Because I bought it at $1.99 lb and put it away in my lovely, giant friend.

Lori, my cousin/sister/best friend (she’s all of those in my mind) said once that husbands should never buy you anything with a cord attached as a present, but I have to say I am making this an exception.  However, I also love my pressure washer…….

Anyway, here’s what we spent this week!

Wal-Mart  $91.65                Total spent for the Year:  $1,419.33

  • Got back this week:                            Got back for the year:
  • ibotta  $0.25                                            $13.45
  • Checkout 51 $0.00                                 $0.90
  • Receipt Hog  57 Coins                           328 Coins
  • Walmart Savings Catcher$0.00       $0.00

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All the Things. 04.14.18

As always, you can click on the photos to take you to items like these!

It’s finally yard sale season in my part of the universe again!  Woohoo!

You know the post I did yesterday about all the stuff that I took out of our house to the Salvation Army?  Yeah.  This isn’t that kind of post.  This is a post where I show you NEW to me stuff that I brought home with me!  Just keep in mind that I took 150 things away from our house yesterday and then count the number of things that I brought back in.

Justification.  Isn’t it great?  Here are the treasures I found.

Clothes are not my thing.  But, I do love my purses.  I constantly fall in love with a new one – all the time.  It’s a good thing I love yard sales or Denton would have to get another job to support my love of purses.  My brother told me once that he doesn’t want to wear anyone else’s name on his clothes.  I totally get that.  But, since Tommy Hilfiger trademarked my initials, I figure that I’ll let this one slide.  I found this one for $1.00.  Yay!

My love for candles is still going strong even though we have jumped on the diffuser bandwagon with the rest of the world.  Batman’s propensity to set himself on fire though has tremendously cut back on candle burning in our house.  I love these.  They are the battery powered flickering wax candles.  I really liked this pattern.  They were $2.00 for both.

Love them!

I stopped at a church yard sale where I found these little beauties.

Liv really loves stones and crystals of any kind.  I believe that these may be jade.  I am guestimating, but I think there may be a couple of hundred in this bag.

Remember when I talked about my hoard of magazines?  I showed you my copy of Uncle John’s bathroom reader.  Well, Denton comes down the hall the other day and asks me where I got that awesome book in the bathroom.  He loves it.  It’s been in our bathroom since last October and he just now noticed.  Anyway, I found this one for $0.50 and it’s going in his Christmas stocking this year.  Don’t worry, I guarantee he won’t read this, so I’m safe.Has your GPS ever gotten you lost?  Ours has.  We got off the interstate one day to have lunch and it decided to recalibrate its brain and that was that.  So.  I have decided that every single car we own will have one of these beauties.  I will always trust an atlas over a computer gadget any day.  $1.00 from our library.Dishes.  If it’s not books taking over my house it’s dishes and glassware.  I love these.  I have quite a bit of Princess House, but I don’t think that’s what these are.  I’ll have to ask Denton’s Mama.  She could curate for the Smithsonian, she is that knowledgable.  But, it doesn’t matter to me if they are real or not.   I love them.  And I will use them.  $1.20 for ALL of them!After I finished with the yard sales I stopped in my library to grab a few books and what did I find?  More beads and things.  I found YARDS of silk cording, clasps, beading needles, and all sorts of beautiful beads for me and Liv to play with.  When he added it all up it came to around $14.00, but he said since I bought so much they were giving out discounts and only charged me $10.00!  I think that we will give it about a week to see if anyone else wants to buy any of it, and then I’ll go back and buy the rest.  I never want to deprive anyone else of trying something new, so I’ll wait and see!

That’s it for our first real weekend of yard sales.  I am so pleased with what I found.  That’s the thing with yard sales, you never know what kind of treasure you will find.  Did you find anything cool at a yard sale yet this year?  I would love to hear about it!

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CVS Haul 04.08.18 || FREE Toothpaste and more!

These prices should be good 04/08/2018 – 04/14/2018.  Please, please, please check your local ad before you shop!! 

I have tentatively dipped my toes back into the CVS game.  One of my best friends used to say that necessities shouldn’t cost so dang much and I agree.  This is one way to avoid paying full price for the things my family needs.  Yes, it does take a little bit of time, but it is worth it in my opinion.

I need to start this out by saying, I started NOT to post this. I am not a couponing expert.  Things always have a tendency to go sideways in my world and shopping with coupons and getting back Extra Care Bucks (ECB) make me nervous.  How funny is that?  With that being said, this might help some of you who literally NEED to get your toothpaste for free, so I am going to try my best to lay it out for you so that you can.

Here’s what I bought this weekend and what I paid.

$17.09  for EVERYTHING including tax

I actually shouldn’t have paid that amount, because I now have a total of $16.00 in ECB and a $10.00 CVS Cash Card that I got for purchasing the things I bought Sunday.  Like I said earlier, things rarely go to plan, but having $26.00 to spend another time isn’t a bad thing, right?

A lot of this pricing depends on whether or not you use coupons.  I always look for printable coupons, because they are easy.  If you get the Sunday paper already, that makes it easy for you too.  I picked up two papers this weekend at my Dollar Tree because they had them (most of the time they don’t) and they were $1.00 each.

I break my transactions down when I shop at CVS, that way I can see if I’m actually getting back the ECB that I’m actually supposed to be getting back.  Sometimes there’s a glitch and it doesn’t work and they have to physically print them for you, so my advice is:  always do small transactions.

Transaction #1:  FREE Colgate toothpaste

When you go into CVS scan your card at the red box and it will give you a $2.50 CRT (this is a personal coupon that everyone should get this week), and then use this $0.50 printable coupon.

You will only pay tax.  Mine was $0.16.  Woohoo!

Transaction #2:  CoverGirl Makeup

Ladies, some of us are not born with beautiful eyebrows.  My daughter was and so was Hayden.  They get it from their Daddy.  My hair was white blonde when I was little; as my hair darkened, so did my brows – to an extent.   I paid $4.79 each for the brow pencils, used a $6.00 on two CoverGirl products printable coupon (it’s no longer available, but some great Rimmel coupons are I paid $4.09 for BOTH and this transaction gave me a $5.00 ECB!

Transaction #3:  Physicians Formula Mascara

Physicians Formula this week is spend $10.00 get $7.00 in ECB.  I bought mascara because Liv takes my makeup all the time, I used a $5.00 ECB I had and a $3.00 Beauty Club ECB and paid $2.10 and still got the $7.00 ECB for next time.

Transaction #4:  Gliss Shampoo

Gliss Shampoo is spend $10.00 and get $4.00 ECB.  I had a $4.00 off two coupon from the RedPlum in the newspaper and a $2.00 CVS coupon.  I paid $4.42 out of pocket for both shampoos and got the $4.00 ECB for next time.

Transaction #5:  Garnier Fructis and L’Oreal Elvive Shampoo and Conditioner

Also this week, CVS is running a spend $30.00 and get a $10.00 CVS Cash Card.  I bought all of the shampoo you see above – Garnier is 2 for $7.00 and the Elvive is 2 for $8.00 which totaled $30.00.  I had $11.00 in coupons from my beloved magazine pile that Denton hates and a $5.00 off $25.00 that CVS gave me earlier this week AND a $4.00 off $18.00 shampoo CRT from CVS and a $4.00 ECB.  So.  I paid $6.32 out of pocket for all of the shampoos and I got a $10.00 CVS Cash Card which will never expire!  Yay!

Note:  Some people in their newspapers got $4.00 off 2 Garnier shampoo coupons AND $4.00 off 2 L’Oreal shampoos which I didn’t get.  Bummer.  If you got them, that makes this a killer deal.

Also:  When you scan your CVS card at the red box, don’t just scan it once.  After it finishes, scan your card again.  And again.  And again, until it tells you that you have saved all you can save.  You never know what that machine is going to give you.

After doing all of my transactions which took me 7 minutes total and I stepped out of line to let a teenager buy something so he wouldn’t have to wait, I actually paid $1.22 for each of the 14 items I bought on Sunday.  Amazing.  On top of that, CVS gave me another $26.00 to spend in the next couple of weeks.  I love it.

Please let me know if you like this type of post.  I don’t want to put it out there if you aren’t interested at all, so just let me know!  Did you save a bundle at CVS this week?  Don’t forget that these prices and deals are good through April 14th.  There are a lot more deals to be had, this is just what my family needed.  Check your flyer and see what you can save on this week.

Grocery Shopping Trip 04.08.18

These prices are still good until 12:00 PM on Tuesday in my part of the world, check your store!

As Denton pointed out to me yesterday when I set off to the grocery store, it’s only been 5 days since I did my last shopping trip.  But, this weekend Food Lion had their ground beef on sale for $1.99lb.  That was enough to get me to go back to the grocery store twice in one week.  We almost always buy our ground beef from this Food Lion.  It just tastes better.  We’ve tried Kroger, Wal-Mart and our local meat market, and I’m telling you, Food Lion’s beef just TASTES better.  At least everyone in our house agrees.  Except for Liv and she doesn’t eat animals anymore.  But, when she did, this was her preference too.

They also had whole chickens for $0.99lb and Doritos BOGO.  Hayden can eat his weight in Doritos and still doesn’t gain a pound.  He needs to gain a lot of pounds, so he can have all the Doritos he wants, which is why I bought FOUR bags.

One thing I did want to point out to you guys is this coupon.  I noticed that my Food Lion had a special for their Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Bowl Cleaner for $1.89.  The reason it caught my attention is because we were completely out of toilet bowl cleaner.  Which is bad.  With the coupon and the sale price you can score some toilet bowl cleaner for yourselves at a great price this week!  (I know this isn’t food, but you might need toilet bowl cleaner too!)

Anyway, here’s what we spent this week and hopefully I won’t have to go back to the store anytime soon.

Food Lion  $84.47                              Total spent for the Year:  $1,412.15

(minus the toilet bowl cleaner)

  • Got back this week:                            Got back for the year:
  • ibotta  $0.25                                           $13.70
  • Checkout 51 $0.00                                $0.90
  • Receipt Hog  20 Coins                          291 Coins
  • Walmart Savings Catcher$0.00       $0.00

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Grocery Shopping Trip 04.03.18

Food Lion had the most deals on what I needed to buy this week, so they ended up with our hard earned money.  I bought the kids Red Baron frozen pizza’s to keep in the freezer, and my store had T-bones for $5.99lb.

It’s much, much cheaper for us to make a steak dinner at home than it is to eat out.  Denton and I have come to the conclusion that we make steak better than most of the places we can get a steak dinner anyway.  Seriously, all those years of watching Food Network have paid off in spades!

We paid $24.14 for four T-bones which will feed me, Denton and Hayden for one meal (Liv doesn’t eat meat) with leftovers the next day to make steak sandwiches out of.  One of the only places we will actually order steak is in the town over from us and it is $32.00 PER STEAK, so yeah, we usually make our steaks at home.

I’m always curious about what things cost in different parts of the world, so just to continue this line of thought, this isn’t the most expensive steak we could actually pay for in our area.  In another town near us is the Greenbrier Resort.  At their restaurant Prime 44 West you can buy a T-Bone or Ribeye for $64.00.  That’s just for your steak mind you.  Your other courses are going to up your bill significantly since your baked potato or creamed spinach is going to set you back an additional $12.00 each.

I only know this second hand through Denton who has eaten there for work dinners.  Because let’s be serious.  I AM NOT going to fork over $64.00 for a steak, especially if I have to put on high heels first.  Did I mention that you have to dress for dinner here?  No thanks.

Anyway, here’s what we spent this week!

Food Lion  $139.40                           Total spent for the Year:  $1,327.68

  • Got back this week:                            Got back for the year:
  • ibotta  $2.15                                            $13.45
  • Checkout 51 $0.15                                  $0.90
  • Receipt Hog  20 Coins                          271 Coins
  • Walmart Savings Catcher$0.00       $0.00

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Subscribe and Save. March 2018.

As I write this post, these prices are still available.  Please, please, please check the prices before you purchase, as we all know that Amazon’s prices are subject to change! 

I don’t put in an order through Amazon Subscribe and Save every single month.  But, I do keep watch to see what kind of deals there are to be had.  Here is what I ordered in March.  Click on the photo to take you to that item. 

I try to get at least five items in my order (to get the additional 15% off discount) or I’ll just cancel until the next month.  Let’s see what’s coming from the UPS man this month.

$10.46!  Do you have picky people at your house?  We do.  Hayden is a die hard Dove man.  He would use something else if there was no choice, but if he chooses, he wants Dove.

Dove Men+Care Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick, Extra Fresh, 2.7 oz, 4 count

$8.43 for the 4 count! Same situation with the deodorant.  So when I find a price like this I definitely stock up!


$10.06!  I am always looking for something to pop into the kids lunches that will be sweet.  And for $0.55 a full-sized bar, you can’t beat that price.

$8.92!  Again, stock up when the price is awesome!

$1.76!  Can we just talk about the price of hair color for a moment?  It’s insane.  But, I am also not ready to let my hair go completely white.  Which it has, I just cover it up every month.

$1.76!  Again, stock up when the price is amazing.  This stuff is usually around $8.00 a box!

Anytime I can get the UPS to do my shopping for me is a great day.  That’s what it feels like when he delivers my orders.  To my front door.

That’s what is coming to my front porch this month.  What do you order?

The prices reflect the subscribe and save price with coupon’s at the time of my order and may not be available now.  This post contains affiliate links.  Read my disclosure policy here.

Amazon Deal! 8 USA Made Vegan 2 oz Bath Bombs

8 USA Made Vegan 2 oz Bath Bombs - Gift Set Ideas - Gifts For Women, Mom, Girls, Teens, Her - Ultra Lush Spa Fizzies - Gift Ideas - Add to Bath Bubbles, Bath Beads, Bath Pearls & Flakes

Do you have a love for baths?  Liv does and she loves bath bombs.  Today you can get all 8 of these for $13.99!  They are normally $48.99 and have EXCELLENT reviews!

Today’s deals

Here are all of the other deals on Amazon for today.

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Amazon Deal! SB SOX Compression Foot Sleeves for Men & Women

SB SOX Compression Foot Sleeves for Men & Women $9.97!

These are normally $39.99 and they have excellent reviews!  I ordered my brother a pair this morning.  I’ll let you know how these work out.  If you have been looking at these for a while, today is the day to try them.

Here are all of the other deals on Amazon for today.

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Amazon Deal! INLIFE Wake Up Light Alarm Clock Sunrise Simulation


Image result for in life wake up alarm

INLIFE Wake Up Light Alarm Clock Sunrise Simulation

Do you have one of these?  Do you even know what it is?  They lighten from 10% to 100% thirty minutes before your alarm goes off.  I hate an alarm clock.  I am seriously thinking about getting one for our bedroom.  With today’s deal on Amazon, it’s completely worth trying it out.  These are normally $79.99 and today’s deal you can get one for $18.32!

Let me know if you have one and if you love it!

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