Grocery Shopping Trip 02.02.18

Kroger got our money in exchange for yummy food last week.  They had some great deals going on.  Coke 12 packs were $2.75.  You know I have a love for Coke.   I am seriously trying to cut that back and add more water.  But it just calls to me…..

Do you ever shop the mark downs at Kroger?  I love it when I find things I need at great prices.  This time I found portabella mushrooms for $1.49.  Woohoo!

I also found San Giorgio pasta for $0.50, and Classico pasta sauce for $1.50 so I stocked up until the next sale.

What did you buy at the grocery store last week?

Kroger  $131.22                        Total spent for the Year:  $363.95

  • Got back this week:                            Got back for the year:
  • ibotta  $2.00                                               $4.75
  • Checkout 51 $0.50                                    $0.50
  • Receipt Hog  0 Coins                               72 Coins
  • Walmart Savings Catcher $  ?               $?

The question mark for the savings catcher is because they still haven’t emailed me to tell me if I got anything back yet.  I’ll update this as soon as they tell me!

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