All the Things. 07.01.17

Note:  As always if you see something you like and can’t wait to find it at your own thrift store, click on the photos and it will take you to like items.   This post may contain affiliate links.  Check out what that means to you here.

As you can see from the date of this post, it should have come out the weekend of July 1st.  Oh well, if I had everything together I would have to change the title of my blog, wouldn’t I?

Here’s what I found that weekend.  There are some awesome finds!

This has to be my best find in a loooong time!  A hand crocheted tablecloth for $1.00!  It has some stains and one quarter sized hole in it but those things can be remedied.

I love buying my picture frames at yard sales and thrift stores.  This is going to showcase our New York photos splendidly.  $1.00

So will this one.  It’s 11 X 14 inside the mat.  $1.99.

I also buy Christmas presents at yard sales and thrift stores.  Do you?  No one in my family has complained yet.  $5.99.

Another addition to Liva’s Christmas Village.  $2.59.  Sweet, it’s still in it’s original box.My Mama and I have a theory about shopping at yard sales and thrift stores.  If you look long enough for something that you want, you will eventually find it for a fantastic price.  This Ball Utensil Set has been on my mental to buy list for a while.  Yes, this is something that I could definitely buy and not break the bank, and I would have if I had needed it.  But, I didn’t and the happy score is half the fun!  $0.99.

My Mama loves photo albums that are not photo albums.  $1.99.

Another Christmas present, maybe?  $1.99.

Liva and her owls.  She loved this one.  It had something sweet smelling inside.  No worries though it came out sparkly and new from the dishwasher.  $0.99.

All in all I spent $18.53.  Not bad at all for quite a few Christmas presents and my lovely, lovely new vintage tablecloth.  Woo-hoo!

Did you find anything awesome in your wanderings?



All the Things. 05.23.17

Note:  As always if you see something you like and can’t wait to find it at your own thrift store, click on the photos and it will take you to like items.   This post contains affiliate links.  Check out what that means to you here.

I found six yard sales in my town this weekend!!  Let’s get started and I’ll show you all of the goodies I found along the way.

Milk Glass, how I love thee.  $1.00

Same sale and both of these were $0.25.

Have you ever seen a Milk Glass Golf ball?  I haven’t.  $1.00

Or a Milk Glass Baseball.  $1.00

More Princess House to add to my collection.  $1.00 for all.

Then, I found this one that is the exact same size but a different pattern and had to pay $0.79 for it alone at my Salvation Army.

I bought this for Hayden and it wouldn’t work for him, so I tried it and I love it!  I hate my laptop because of the flat surface of the keys and this slant is just the perfect size for me.  $2.99

I found this spoon for $0.10 and fell in love with it.

Do you have a butter bell yet?  My Mama fell in love with mine when she was here for Mother’s Day and told me to be on the lookout for her one.  I found it the next day.  $1.99

A beautiful Carnival Glass decanter.  $0.79

An amber glass decanter.  $0.79

I love this blue glass thing.  I have no idea what it is, but it’s going in my bathroom to put q-tips into!  $0.79

This candle won’t last the week between me and Liv.  $0.59

More Pyrex glassware to love.  $1.99 and it holds up to a quart!

I love this old line of Home Interior candles.  Their scent isn’t overwhelming and they are just lovely.  $0.79.

My hair isn’t naturally brown anymore 😥 $1.99 each.

This scent is lovely.  $1.99

I needed a good set of stomping around in the mud boots.  I’ve been on the lookout for them for about two months.  $4.00.

This thirty one wristlet will be perfect for vacation.  $1.99.

Maybe a future vacation?  $0.59.

This book has amazing reviews.  Hopefully I will get to it in the next few weeks.  $0.79.

A new bread machine cookbook!  $0.59.

So all in all I spent $29.79 on my goodies.

What did you find last week?






All the Things. 05.16.17

We found one – ONE! – yard sale last week.  But, it’s a start.  My Mama was with me for the Mother’s Day weekend and we did what we do best.  Find the deals.  And boy did we ever.  Here’s what I brought home with me.

Note:  As always if you see something you like and can’t wait to find it at your own thrift store, click on the photos and it will take you to like items.   This post contains affiliate links.  Check out what that means to you here.

I’ll start things off with a bang.  I found this beauty at our local Goodwill Outlet store.  I paid $1.50 for this bag.  Click on the link if your heart can take the shock.  It took Denton about 20 minutes to figure out the combination and it was worth every single minute.

When we finally got this thing open, it’s makers mark declared it a Jack Georges.  It definitely needs a good cleaning, but Denton was absolutely thrilled with it.  They are made in the USA.  It is all saddle leather and stunningly beautiful.

I needed a new lamp shade for one of my candlestick lamps and I was patient enough to wait and find exactly what I wanted for $0.59.  Score!

Batman has declared that this is his toy.  After the initial – AHHHHHH, it’s going to kill us all – he loves it and won’t let anyone else near it.  That’s just fine with Koshka the scarediest of the scaredy cat’s.  He’s terrified of it.  $0.25.

Liv loves tops that look like short dresses that she can wear with her leggings.  Wish granted for a combined total with the other clothes below for $3.92.

Anne Taylor Loft sweater in the total above.

The Lion King.  She loves it!  It the combined total above.

Home Interior retired scents.  With Thomas Kincade on the front.  Lovely.  $1.99 each.

These flip flops feel like a cloud.  I am very, very picky about my “house shoes” and I love these.  $1.50.

A Moral Fiber sweater dress.  Liv loved this one too.  $1.90 at a local Goodwill with the tags still attached.

This Aeropostale Jean jacket was in with the total from the outlet.  Love it.

Mossimo leggings.  Yes, please.  In with the total above.

Hardback books at our outlet are $0.50 and I didn’t have this one.

I added to our Christmas scene collection.  This library was $1.99.

And this cathedral was also $1.99.

Lila Grace bath set for $1.99.

I found this cool Nativity set for $2.99 and brought it home expecting Denton to love and the first thing out of his mouth was “Bethlehem wasn’t a desert”.  Duh.  I know that.  But it’s still cool.

So for a grand total of $24.99 I am very pleased with my haul.  What did you find last week?

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All the Things. 05.08.17

Still no yard sales.  😥   But Hayden and I went into the city last week and we found a lot of goodies.  Here they are.

Note:  As always if you see something you like and can’t wait to find it at your own thrift store, click on the photos and it will take you to like items.   This post contains affiliate links.  Check out what that means to you here.

I found this dress for $1.00!  Liv loved it.  We’ll keep it and see if she wants to wear it to prom next spring.

Pretty, pretty, pretty!  I love this small platter.  I don’t have one this size, but I don’t know if I’m going to keep it or list it yet.

A couple of months ago I found a lovely Fire King serving bowl for $2.00 and I didn’t buy it because it was missing it’s lid.  Guess what?  I found the lid that fits that bowl for $0.10!  It was at our Goodwill Outlet.  Do you have a Goodwill outlet near you?  I love ours.

I found a new cookbook and Liv and I have already tried out one of the recipes inside and it was awesome!!  $2.00

Coffee table books.  I can never resist them, especially when they are amazing like this one.  I love it.  $2.00

Stephen King.   11 22 63  $2.00  My favorite book of his is Firestarter.  But, I love his writing style so I am always up for a new one.  Denton and I watched the 8 part series on Hulu and really enjoyed it.

Love Michael Crichton’s books.  Can’t wait to read this one.  $2.00

As you know Nora Roberts is a favorite of mine.  I have this entire collection, but not all of them are in Hardback.  So when I find one, I replace it.  $2.00

Hand crocheted doilies!  $0.10.

Hand embroidered table runner’s!  $0.10.  Also, I love red, so.

I thought this was an ingenious idea.  Can’t wait to try it out.  $0.10.

Piece of material.  Love it, its beautiful.  $0.10

This is a match to my MIL set of dishes.  $0.10

Ceramic ladle.  You can never have enough ladles.  $0.10


I found two Corelle berry bowls for $0.10 each.  Yay!

I also found a Hazel Atlas Moderntone Creamer.  I don’t collect this, you know how I love my Milk Glass, so I’m going to list it on

And last but not least, my favorite find from last week.  I seriously had three people follow me around the store hoping that I would put this thing down so they could snatch it up.  It’s full leather, inside and out.  $2.00.  What’s not to love?  It’s very box-like, so that tick’s one of my boxes 🙂 , its leather, it locks, and it’s vintage which just tops it all off.

What did you find last week?






Hollar: Stila eyeshadows for $3.00 with FREE shipping on your first order

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Right now you can get your hands on Stila Eyeshadows for $3.00 on Hollar.

These are priced at $18.00 on Sephora and Ulta, so this is a steal in my book.  Christmas presents!

I also bought these little gems for $2!

Denton will be very happy taking his leftovers to work.

I love this site.  If you create a free account through my link, you will get a $2.00 credit and free shipping on your first order.  After that you will get free shipping on any order for more than $25.00 or a flat $4.95 shipping fee.


All the Things. 05.01.17

Still no yard sales in my part of the world, and it’s calling for steady rain this weekend so I doubt there will be any forthcoming anytime soon.  I can still manage to find deals at my local thrift shops though.  And here they are.

(You can click on any photo and it will take you to items like these)

Liv was actually with me and looked this one over and she thought that it had a lot of ideas that we should try.  Good.  $1.99

The Giver.  In Hardback.  Enough said.  $1.99

$3.99 for four different scents.  I cannot wait to try all of them.  I love it when people donate brand new items for me to try.

More milk glass for my collection.  I love these, they have the same pattern as some of the small plates that I have.  $2.00 for both.

Fenton Milk Glass.  Isn’t it lovely?  $1.00!

Olivia and I have started a collection of lighted houses for our Christmas decorations.  This is the second one I’ve found and she loved it.  $1.99.  You can also find them on

All in all I spent $12.96 this week.  What did you find?

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All the things. 04.24.17

Did you find any yard sales last week?  Sadly, there are still none where I am yet.  I have high hopes for next week though.  Here’s what I found in my local thrift stores.

I found this atlas and the one below and they have beautiful color maps inside.  I am going to frame some of them for our den.  Best of all she only charged me $0.79 each for them!

Liv fell in love with these when we were at our local Goodwill.  I’ll paint the post’s with fingernail polish so that she can wear them.  $3.99

Rugged floor mats for my Jeep, yes thank you!  $1.59 each.

More candles.  Never enough candles.  $0.69, $0.59 and $0.59.

Mouse pad for $0.59.

A leather A5 planner!  Yes!  And even better it was on $0.69.  I LOVE thrift stores.  Now I just need to decide which planner to put inside it for next year and I’m set.

This set I found included a Hello Kitty Steering Wheel cover $1.59, dice $0.59, and license plate frames$0.69 and $0.69!  Love it.  My steering wheel cover is worn out, but that’s no surprise, my Jeep is 13 years old.

This awesome set of Vintage Pyrex Primary Mixing bowls is a wonderful find!  The blue one is missing but hopefully in my wanderings, I’ll find it.  $6.99.  I am already in love with this cookbook.  It is amazing, you should order yours now!! $3.99

I love it when I find something so useful for an excellent price!!  This is going straight into the garage on my workbench.  $3.99

So all in all I spent $29.84 last week.  What goodies did you find?

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All the things. 04.17.17

Well, as you can see it’s not Monday, but I am trying my best to keep my brain consistent so for this purpose  – welcome to Monday again!   Did you find any yard sales or thrift stores last week?  It’s still a little too early in my neck of the woods for yard sales, so it’s thrift stores for me.  Here’s what I found that I needed to bring home with me last week.

This set has never been used.  And mine only has one lonely baking pan left in it after 22 years of marriage.  Also, Liv doesn’t eat meat, so anytime I make a lasagna or something like that I am scrambling to find a dish to put her supper in separately.  This solves all of those problems!  Plus, it’s pretty hobnail!  $4.99

Liv went into our local Goodwill last Saturday and spotted this hanging on the wall.  It’s velvet and will be perfect for one of the school dances next winter.   The best thing is they only charged me $1.99 for it!  Woo-hoo.  Liv said one of the girls at school was talking about how much her parents had had to spend on a dress for a dance last year and Liv quietly asked her why she didn’t just look at the Goodwill.  She said her friend looked blank, like she had never even thought about it.  Some people also have a stigma in their mind about thrift store shopping too.  I obviously don’t have this problem.  Ahem.

This book is awesome.  I picked it up and couldn’t put it down.  $2.00

A new to me set of curtains for our bathroom.  I love the linen look of them, and they are lined!  $4.00 for both panels.

I saw this sitting in our local Salvation Army for a couple of weeks and I ignored it just like everybody else.  Then Liv mentioned that we are getting low on ink in our current cheapo printer that we have at home.  And finally a light bulb went on over my head.

Here’s a little back story for you.  Every single time we need ink I either go to or Wal-mart and buy the cheapest model of printer they have.  Usually around $30.00.  And every single time the ink runs out, it’s still cheaper to go buy another HP or Canon cheapo printer.  Then, I donate the old one.  And they sell it every single time.

Anyhoo, I knew this was a higher end printer than the ones I ususally shell out $30 bucks for each time, so I checked on for replacement inks for this bad boy and guess what?  I can get two complete sets of ink for $10.00!  Heck yeah, this ones coming home with me for $5.89.  So for $15.89 I won’t have to buy another cheapo printer, donate another cheapo printer, and I can make the world a better place for it.

This week I spent $18.87.  What did you find?

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All the things. 03.07.17

How was your week?  Mine was pretty slow in the collecting of things department.  This makes Denton happy.

Here’s what I found last week that makes me happy.

Books, books and more books.  I agree with Thomas Jefferson, I cannot live without books.  I finally got down to brass tacks and went through my JD Robb collection and discovered that I had duplicates of several of the volumes.  So I cataloged them in my evernote app and found two that I didn’t already have to add to my collection.

Hayden hadn’t read Gone Girl and we found a hardback copy and brought it home.

The Last Werewolf looks very interesting.  So does Her Fearful Symmetry.  This book is by Audrey Niffeneggar who also wrote The Time Traveler’s Wife which I loved.

Another Nora Roberts book, Island of Glass that I haven’t read yet.  And one by Christine Feehan book that my library doesn’t have.

We also found a book by Robert Harris called the Fear Index.  I had never heard of this book, but Hayden had and he definitely wanted to read it.  I told him that I will most certainly take off the dust cover before I read it, that nubbly texture is disconcerting in my opinion.  $14.50 for them all.

Are the people in your house particular about their deodorant?  Everyone in my house is.  This is what Denton uses and I buy him the body wash sometimes.  For $0.99 each, you can’t beat thrift stores!

A milk glass vase to add to my collection.  $0.99!

Last year, I took my brother a set of these adjustable measuring spoons and I think my mother thought about swiping them.  So when I ran across this one last week, I grabbed it up for her.  For $0.59, it can’t be beat!

I found both of these this week and I think I’m going to keep one and sell the other.  When I was skimming the news on my Google app earlier today, I saw where Angelina Jolie is in a new commercial for the brand Guerlain.  How does Google decide what rates as news anyway?

I don’t know why Denton has never had one of these mugs.  It’s the perfect size too.  $0.20, it was definitely coming home with me.

Liv loves fleece leggings.  My local goodwill is carrying these right now for $12.99.  $4.99 is a much better price.  Woo-hoo!

$0.99 cents each.

I am slowly wearing out my jeans.  Since I haven’t bought any in at least six years, I’d say that’s normal.  These were $4.59, so I’m happy.

Thrift stores are the bomb people!  I can’t wait for yard sale season to start!  $30.81 for everything, not including the perfume I’m going to list!

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